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Gold Dots Father _ Dad Appreciation Inst
Gold Dots Father _ Dad Appreciation Inst

Kendria McKnight is the founder and CEO of Make Fear Homeless Christian Publishing.


Kendria is an advocate for women and a licensed evangelist.  Through her leadership of the women’s ministry in California, Kendria helps women of all ages live out the purpose of God's plan in their lives.

Kendria is a published author who spent 30+ years in communications, customer care, and project management. Before launching this publishing company, Kendria spent ten years leading multimillion-dollar projects at Sutter Health Hospital.  She’s a builder.  She’s organized.  Her project management experience, combined with her love for writing, makes Kendria’s advocacy for new writers unmatched. She directly supports each writer to overcome fear and press through roadblocks that often hinder publication.  Her warm deposition instills confidence, and her attention to detail ensures the completion of each writing project.

Kendria’s passion for writing comes from her family. She comes from generations of poets and writers, and her mother completed her autobiography at 79-years old.  Kendria distinctly remembers falling in love with books her junior year of high school when she finished the last page of "The Grapes of Wrath."   

Kendria believes that writing is an act of worship.  She understands the importance of living in total obedience to the call of God.  She believes that everyone has a voice and that many people are compelled to write because they have powerful testimonies.  Others have had direct experiences with God’s profound love.  Her mission is to amplify these stories of love and redemption.   She understands the pull.   She calls it an “authorship mandate.”  Make Fear Homeless Publishing is designed to support and encourage aspiring authors who need help capturing, writing down, and completing a God-given vision for a project. 

When Kendria is not helping authors, you can find her fishing or hunting.  She loves the outdoors Kendria is certified as a nutrition specialist through the American Council on Exercise and serves as a hiking instructor with the Sierra Club and GirlTrek.  She has a healthy backyard garden and finds inspiration in all of God’s creations.   

Kendria has been married to Juan McKnight Sr. for the past 34 years. They have four children, LaShonna, Teota, Juan Jr., and Ashayla.

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